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Is the Title Attribute Important for SEO?

Someone asked me the other day about the importance of the title attribute for SEO purposes.  I never did research on this question, but from a SEO logic standpoint, the answer should be yes.  The title attribute is another way to include important keywords on a website.  Be aware of the duplicate content issue too.  Duplicate content is a major SEO no-no and therefore, I would use the title attribute to include keywords that I don’t have appear as often in the body copy, or better yet, variations of key phrases that don’t fit nicely into the rest of the page.

If it’s not good for SEO, then it’s definitely important from a usability standpoint.  It give the person on your page additional information about the link they’re about to click on or the picture they’re looking at.  A lot of people I talk to don’t know what alt text is and therefore definitely don’t know how to find it.  A title tag appears when you hover over the object, making it easy for users to find.  I think that this feature would have a significant impact on CTR and usability.

Just to be clear, I am talking about title tag usage for both images and links.  For images, the title tag let’s the user know what the heck he/she is looking at.  Any short description of whatever is in the picture (person, place, thing, event, etc…) would give a lot of insight to the viewer as to what the site is about.  For links, the title attribute serves as an extra clue as to where the link takes them.  It can give clues as to whether the viewer is leaving the site or going someplace else for a little while.  If your site is meant to entertain, than the title attribute can also be a way to sneak in some humor without sacrificing the flow of what you’re writing.  I would give you an example, but I’m just not that funny….sorry. 😦

In conclusion, the title attribute if often ignored because of its tedious nature.  Even though there is no proof that it hurts rankings, taking the time to optimize link tags has double the benefits in both SEO and usability.  These two together, can contribute to more visitors….which usually leads to more conversions…which is the ultimate goal, right? Right.

Story of Inspiration: Link Title Attribute & It’s SEO Benefit


When Link Consolidation Won’t Work

The world of SEO was rocked a little while back when Google announced that PageRank sculpting no longer works.  The amazingly smart people over at SEOMoz wrote a blog post (link is at the bottom of this post) about this new thing called Link Consolidation.   From what I gather, your website can still impact the amount of “PageRank juice” that flows throughout your website by consolidating related content onto one page.  An example would be combining a company profile and employee information onto one page. What would’ve been two pages splitting available PageRank, now becomes a single page.  I think that this is a great idea. Not only does it help with SEO & crawlability, but it could also improve the user experience by simplifying the navigation and reducing the number of times the visitor needs to click on something before getting to the content that he/she was looking for.

Please be aware, however, that link consolidation does not trump keyword rich content.  Not all sites are open to link consolidation.   Make sure the pages you consolidate do not dilute the content of your page so search engine spiders can figure out what that page is about!  For example, if your an e-commerce site that sells home furnishings, don’t change your site so you have a lloonnnggg page with your couches, beds and outdoor patio furniture all on the same page.  This could ultimately make search engines think that your pages aren’t relevant enough for any of those keywords.

Another thing to keep in mind is what is most important to your business.  Whether is be a certain brand name, specific product or competitive advantage, make sure that you keep it front and center on your site.

In the end,  link consolidation definitely has its merits.  It has the ability to improve your site’s search engine performance AND make your site more user friendly.   Just make sure you think before you make any drastic site changes.  A second opinion about your specific case could benefit you tooo.  If you want, you can even ask my opinion too!  I’ll be happy to help.

Story of Inspiration: Link Consolidation: The New PageRank Sculpting

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