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A Plan to End Discrimination

Growing up in the inner city, has it’s pros and cons.  A definite plus is the lack of obvious race issues.  In school and on my block, I don’t ever remember being picked on because of the color of my skin.  My clique represented all races/cultures imaginable.  If someone had a problem with me, it wasn’t because of my skin.  This same plus quickly became a negative when I went to college.  All of a sudden, I really was ‘the minority’.  I felt like people questioned my character and my abilities simply because of my race.  For the first time in my life, it was hard for me to find common ground with people. And for people to find common ground with me.

Well, long story short, I quickly learned that even though it was harder, there were friends to be made.  One friend, Jonathan “Jojo” Rosario, made an impact on me that carries on even after we’ve both graduated.  I was talking online with him and he said, “Did I ever tell you my plan to end discrimination?”  Intrigued…I got him to explain it all to me.  Here are the details

Jojo’s Plan to End Discrimination

When a person applies for anything, a job, credit card, loan, apartment….anything, there’s usually a way to get possibly discriminatory information about these people.  Jojo’s online system will attempt to hide those possibly discriminatory pieces of information while providing the decision maker all the information they truly need to make a decision.

Step 1:Person decides they need to apply for something.
Step 2: Person goes to http://www.jojo’ and creates an account with the site.
Step 3: http://www.jojo’ assigns the person an ID number that a person would put on an application in place of any real identifying characteristics.
Step 4: The decision maker will only look at the information directly relevant to whatever application they are reviewing.
Step 5: The decision maker will then submit a yes/no answer to http://www.jojo’
Step 6: http://www.jojo’ will then contact the applicant to give the decision.
Step 7: If the decision was “yes” or “approved”, then contact information will be exchanged to both parties via http://www.jojo’

This would be a proposal for anyone interested in using this system for their application process. (tax incentive, special services/rates, etc.)  The government may need to get involved to create some real business incentives, but I think there’s some really good ideas in this plan.

What do you think? [Disclaimer: This is just an idea with a lot of holes and ‘what if’s’.  We are still interested in hearing what have to say, but please be nice with the comments. Thanks.]


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