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Mobile Marketing – R U Ready?

I L-O-V-E Starbucks.  Nothing beats sipping on a Venti Shaken Black Tea Lemonade Sweetened.

Therefore, imagine my excitement when I saw the facebook event for Starbucks Free Pastry Day: 1 free pastry with the purchase of any drink.  I saw that you needed a coupon to get the free pastry, so I was about to click on the link to get the printable coupon when I saw the next line.

“Or open this page in a mobile device and show your barista”

OMG! I could use my awesome phone (THE Blackberry Storm) to 1. Get a free pastry from Starbucks and 2. Save a tree by not printing out a coupon.

Being both a Starbucks fanatic and marketing nerd, Starbucks’ use of mobile marketing really excited me.  Other countries, such as India and China, are already avid users of mobile coupons.  I was wondering when I would see a major company make use of mobile coupons in the US.

Like all marketing ideas, if a company wants to explore the possible impact of mobile marketing on their company, a plan needs to be made first.  Gregg Stewart of Search Engine Watch lays out a great foundation of a mobile marketing plan.

As mobile devices with browser capabilities become more popular, (i.e. – The current touch screen phone battle between the iPhone & the Storm) I see the demand for mobile coupons increasing in the United States.  According to a study by Deloitte, 57% of consumers are already asking for more mobile coupons.  Before the demand really takes off, however, now would be a great time for companies to test the waters and gather the resources needed for successful mobile marketing campaigns.

Source of Inspiration: Mobile Coupons Offer Multiple Benefits & Free Pastry Day from Starbucks


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