Hey! Welcome to my world (on the web at least).

I have a passion for learning…for teaching…and sharing.  This passion is what started this blog.

This blog, like my brain, and pretty much like life, is random.  I really can’t tell you what this blog is about.  I know you’ll find topics ranging from marketing, to cute puppies, to politics (not too much of this. I promise.)

What I can tell you is that the reason why this blog was started was to bring valuable knowledge about whatever you happen to read.  You may learn something new, or get a refresher in something you knew already.

Regardless of topic, each posting will be true to the title, a matter of my opinion.

Enjoy! 🙂


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...to Matter of (my) Opinion! I hope you enjoy your stay & get in touch. Here, there's nothing that is off limits. I try to talk about anything and everything...as long as it's of interest to you, and I know something about it, I'll write about it.

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