Welcome to Matter of (my) Opinion. Let’s start with the basics.

I’m Mary Peng.

At the time of this posting [10:36 pm on 7.20.2009] my vitals are as follows: 22 years old. asian-american born & bred in Connecticut.  Now I live in the great country…oops, I mean city of Houston, Texas.  I love football and volleyball.  My favorite color is yellow.  R&B and Hip-Hop music create the soundtrack to my life.

Growing up, I was your basic smart ass that did well in school, and stuck with my small circle of friends.  Now that I’m older, wiser and more of a smart ass, I still try to keep my eyes in a book.  There are, however, many avenues to happiness, so I’ve decided to take the scenic route.

I guess there’s no need to really say much about me.   You’ll learn about me as you read MOMO, and I hope I get to know you too.  Feel free to comment on any of my postings or reach me through any methods on the Contact Mary Peng page.


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...to Matter of (my) Opinion! I hope you enjoy your stay & get in touch. Here, there's nothing that is off limits. I try to talk about anything and everything...as long as it's of interest to you, and I know something about it, I'll write about it.

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