Singing Talent Trumps Song Lyrics Any day

For anyone that’s been through a bad relationship and/or is currently in a good relationship, Beyonce’s “Halo” is a nice serenade for the boo.  Yeah…Beyonce’s voice is too pop-sounding for this ballad, but the instrumental and lyrics more than compensate for the mismatch in voice and song style.  I’ll have to admit that I’ve borrowed this song to sing to my boyfriend a few times.

Then I heard “Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson.  Now…I’ve been a fan of Kelly since she won American Idol.  I guess you can kind of say that I decided that I was going to like this song before I even finished it.

Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone" vs. Beyonce's "Halo"

Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone" vs. Beyonce's "Halo"

After hearing both songs, it’s true that the songs are very similar, especially the intro and the use of the strings and piano.  I also think that Kelly’s outspoken frustrations came from a justified concern that her song wouldn’t make the impact she had hoped for because of Beyonce’s track.

Personally though, I think there are major differences between the two that not only put them in separate fields, but puts Kelly’s “Already Gone” a couple levels higher than Beyonce’s “Halo”.  First, Kelly Clarkson sings better than Beyonce. Period.  That’s pretty much a general fact.  Second, the combo of lyrics & singing in “Already Gone” reaches much deeper into a person’s emotions than “Halo”.  The lyrics alone are arguably better in “Already Gone”…they really don’t need Kelly’s voice to outshine “Halo”.

The link for the Story of Inspiration below is a great article to read because it also includes the music video for both songs.  That way, you can decide for yourself the winner of this battle.

Story of Inspiration: Are Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson Singing the Same Tune?


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