A New Mission for Good – Locks of Love

The hair styling businesses is a great industry to be in.  How many times would a customer actually pay you to take something away?  Sure you give them ‘beauty’ and ‘confidence’ and a ‘new look’, but in the end, you’re getting paid to take something away from them…their hair.  In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, people will pay, on average $46 for a new do. (Crazy celebrities can pay $800 for a trim…but we’re not talking about them right now)

Now…if anyone knows me you know that I lloovvee my hair.

mary peng's awesome hair!

Exhibit A

See? Any chance I take to show off my hair. I take it! lol.

Anyways…that’s not the reason I’m writing.  The reason why I’m writing is to promote Locks of Love.  Locks of Love is this awesome organization that takes donated hair and turns them into hairpieces for children who experience hair loss due to an illness or treatment for an illness.

I’ve been wanting to donate my hair for years, but I keep hitting roadblocks.   I hope that others look into becoming Locks of Love Donors.  There are a bunch of directions, but here are the main things that take the most time and planning.

1. Locks of Love cannot take bleached hair.  Colored or permed hair is okay, but bleaching is a no no.

2.  The minimum length of the ponytail that you can donate is 10 inches.  Not every strand of hair needs to be 10 inches, just the longest layer.

Like I said, there are many other rules and guidelines, those are just two that require some planning.  Check the website out for a full list.  While you’re there, there are a whole lot of pictures of the cutest kids!  It’ll be a huge motivator to get involved.

Look out for updates…I think the haircut is going to happen before the end of the summer! 🙂


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