When Link Consolidation Won’t Work

The world of SEO was rocked a little while back when Google announced that PageRank sculpting no longer works.  The amazingly smart people over at SEOMoz wrote a blog post (link is at the bottom of this post) about this new thing called Link Consolidation.   From what I gather, your website can still impact the amount of “PageRank juice” that flows throughout your website by consolidating related content onto one page.  An example would be combining a company profile and employee information onto one page. What would’ve been two pages splitting available PageRank, now becomes a single page.  I think that this is a great idea. Not only does it help with SEO & crawlability, but it could also improve the user experience by simplifying the navigation and reducing the number of times the visitor needs to click on something before getting to the content that he/she was looking for.

Please be aware, however, that link consolidation does not trump keyword rich content.  Not all sites are open to link consolidation.   Make sure the pages you consolidate do not dilute the content of your page so search engine spiders can figure out what that page is about!  For example, if your an e-commerce site that sells home furnishings, don’t change your site so you have a lloonnnggg page with your couches, beds and outdoor patio furniture all on the same page.  This could ultimately make search engines think that your pages aren’t relevant enough for any of those keywords.

Another thing to keep in mind is what is most important to your business.  Whether is be a certain brand name, specific product or competitive advantage, make sure that you keep it front and center on your site.

In the end,  link consolidation definitely has its merits.  It has the ability to improve your site’s search engine performance AND make your site more user friendly.   Just make sure you think before you make any drastic site changes.  A second opinion about your specific case could benefit you tooo.  If you want, you can even ask my opinion too!  I’ll be happy to help.

Story of Inspiration: Link Consolidation: The New PageRank Sculpting

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