The Art – or Science – of Creativity

Have you ever met a person who was super smart, but equally boring?  Or…Have you ever met a person that could tell stories for days but couldn’t tell you how to boil water?  These people are the proof that smarts and creativity are not gauges for each other.

Dean Rieck of Copyblogger wrote about creativity as a muscle.  He’s absolutely right.  It’s true that some people are born with different levels of creativity, but these levels can change.  Some people further develop these skills and move on to become awesome writers, thinkers, actors, poets…the list goes on forever.  Others, however, see themselves as doomed to live uncreative, dull lives.

Which person are you?  When I read Dean’s post, it made me think about what makes a person creative.  Here are the top 3 things that I thought of:

  1. Creative people are naturally inquisitive.  Learning how something works is the 1st step in trying to figure out a way to do it differently.  Ask questions. Read. Talk to people.   It’s hard to find a very creative person that doesn’t enjoy doing 1 of those 3 things.
  2. Passion. Passion. Passion.  Not all things would make a creative person excited, but once you hit that button…there’s no stopping ’em.  Creative people usually specialize one thing or another.  Ask them their opinion on that topic and your stuck with them for a good while.  My sister is a great cook.  She LOVES food.  Take 1 trip with her to the grocery store and she’ll sound off recipes and nutritional value for anything you pick up. What’s your passion?  If you need help figuring that out, here are some ways to discover your passions:
    • Look through your browsing history on your computer.  What sites do you spend the most time on?
    • Next time your flipping through the channels when your usual shows aren’t on, what catches your eye and makes you stop and watch for a while.
    • This is one that I discovered last night…If you’re laying in bed and ready to get some sleep, but some thought comes to mind and gets you out of bed to think about it some more…that thought is more than likely a source of your passion.
  3. The final trait of a highly creative person is a reiteration of one of Dean’s qualities. Well, more like a combo of some of ’em. Creative people are motivated by tasks, and are willing to try new and different ways to complete the task. Creative people aren’t driven by the possibility or praise and awards. Instead, creative people are satisfied when the work is done, and they can look back and say, “Damn, I’m good.” [hopefully that’s not just something I do. 🙂 ]

Feeling like the creative type yet?  Yea? Good. No?  Don’t worry.  Dean and I both agree, creativity is something that is learned and developed.  If you find your passion (#2 on the list) then it’ll flow out of you.

Posting for Inspiration: 11 Traits of Highly Creative People

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